Timer Files Second Try

This is the PC-side software you need for "Dani's Amazing Sheep Timer," version 3.0.0.  Download these files. 

Install the ST Link Utility by clicking on the executable.  (Un-install any other versions first.)  This new version of the communications utility software from ST Microelectronics has several new features, which allow better operation of the Sheep Timer.

Install the Sheep Timer Application by copying it to a convenient place.  Run the application with a click, or create a shortcut to the application.

Version 3.0.0 has several improvements over previous versions of the software and firmware. 

First, the Sheep Timer now stores data in Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) that is built in to the microcontroller chip.  This makes it much harder to accidentally lose data.  Even with batteries removed, the Timer will remember all data until erased.  One side effect is that erasing timer data is much slower.

Another feature is that the Timer is much less likely to lose track of the current date and time.  You should set the data and time from the application every time you put in batteries.  The Timer will lose the current date and time (which gets put into the data file) when it loses power.

Batteries should be good for a few days.  The microcontroller (unfortunately) does not go into low power mode properly, and continues to draw about 3 mA even when "turned off."  This may be fixed in a future release.

Timer Application v3.0.0 (1.8 MB)

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